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Pre-Construction Evaluation

COMPANY NAME HERE conducts a pre-construction evaluation of all operations that will be conducted at a site during the construction process.  This includes either brand new construction or modification to current facility layout and design.

Architects and engineers (mechanical, electrical, etc…) do not always consider the OSHA regulations applicable to new construction or modification to build out space in the design process.  COMPANY NAME HERE provides support to project teams during the pre-construction process that will allow them to accommodate the OSHA needs of the customer during the design phase.

Case:  The customer had the need for properly stored Category 1 Flammable liquids as well as the need to isolate process hazardous waste which was highly flammable.  The design architect did not fully understand the OSHA regulations regarding storage of flammable liquids nor did he understand the need to isolate workers from the hazardous waste which was generated by the process of the customer.  This lead to a design which did not include flammable storage rooms or the space to accommodate flammable storage cabinets.  The initial design also did not provide any storage space for hazardous waste.

COMPANY NAME HERE was able to identify the need for a flammable storage and hazardous waste storage areas during the design phase.  This allowed the customer to save time and money as these needs were identified before the design was completed.  This prevented the customer from having to reevaluate the space requirements during construction and saved time and money post construction as no redesigns were necessary.

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